Australia's favourite FiveM community. Allegedly.

Shape your destiny and forge unforgettable connections in a sprawling Australian-inspired FiveM roleplay server. Presented by Fat Duck Gaming.

  • Super active development
  • +20 career paths, both legitimate and criminal
  • Industry-leading support services
  • Not pay to win, and never will be
  • +100 custom vehicles, weapons & locations
  • +100 custom-designed resources

Connection Options

By Connect URL

Navigate to The browser will ask if you would like to launch FiveM.

By Console Command

Open the FiveM console using the F8 key and run connect 3y3jjr

By Server Browser

Search for Fat Duck Gaming in the FiveM server browser.

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Server Features

Sophisticated Criminal Underworld

Interact with +10 criminal organisations. Prove yourself a worthy member, or start your own.

Formidable Emergency Services

Keep the peace as a Police officer, save lives as a Paramedic or fight fires as a Firefighter.

Find a Hobby

Explore several hobbies that take you all around San Andreas, some more lucrative than others.

Multiple Characters

Give everything a go with up to 5 character slots! Save lives one day, rob a jewelry store the next.

Build your Worth

Splash some in-game cash on high-quality custom vehicles, apartments, weapons and much more.

Public Casino

Hang out with mates while trying your luck on interactive Blackjack or synchronised Keno.

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Join our donations program to support FDG and Keep in mind this is totally optional, FDG always has and always will be free to play!

FDG Trailers

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A Slovak Movie


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