Phuck Cib

Played by Snakey

Notorious Criminal. This individual tends to be violent and aggressive. Approach at your own risk.

Picture of Phuck Cib

A notorious criminal entrepreneur, Mr Phuck Cib (pronounced Mr Fook Sib) occasionally reigns terror throughout San Andreas. He's most known for his tendency to carry copious amounts of ammunition at all times and exclusively drives a blue Ford Focus RS.

No one knows what truly motivates Mr Cib to commit inhumane acts of violence. Some say it's just how he was raised, others argue pure insanity.

Mr Cib destorying police car

He's ruthless. Dosen't matter who you are, what you do or who your friends are. Mr Cib won't hesitate. His power is only exceeded by his mystery.

His choice of a blue Ford Focus RS as his exclusive mode of transportation seems to defy logic on face value. A seemingly inconspicuous vehicle that hid a beastly engine under the hood, mirroring his own deceptive exterior. This choice spoke to his penchant for subtlety and disguise, allowing him to blend in when necessary and strike when least expected.

Mr Cib taking on cop

There are tales of those who befriended Mr Cib. It's not known what became of them, but legend says they enjoyed the riches of unlimited resources and unwavering entertainment. One can only wonder, however, at what cost?

Mr Cib mugshot