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An out-of-character wiki of characters, organisations and the FDG world in general. A place to learn more about those you interact with on FDG.

Purpose of Lore in FDG

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Lore inevitably writes itself. As a roleplay server, FDG encourages players to create wholesome characters with rich backstories and genuine depth. It's this pursuit for real creativity and expression that inevitably create lore for not only characters, but the businesses and organisation throughout FDG.

The lore section within FDG's out-of-character wiki offers a comprehensive resource for users to learn about characters, organizations, and the overall fictional world. This section provides background information that enriches interactions in the FDG universe, allowing users to make informed decisions and engage more deeply with the setting. It serves as a separate repository of information, enhancing the immersive experience of role-playing and storytelling within the FDG world.

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If you wish to be featured in the lore section of this site, there are several steps to follow.

Step 1: Eligibility Criteria

When staff review submissions for features to this site, the following eligibility criteria is applied.

  • The character or organisation must be well-established in the community
  • The character or organisation must have existed for a minimum peroid of 5 months
  • The character or organisation sets a good example for the community
  • The feature submission is of sufficient quality
  • The feature submission complies with all the appropriate rules

Submissions that do not meet this criterion can be submitted nonetheless. The criteria are not exhaustive, the final decision remains with FDG staff.

Step 2: Create a Pull Request

This site is open-source, which means anyone with a GitHub account can create a pull request. For those familiar with creating pull requests, use Rocco's feature as an example. Each document is written in Markdown.

For those unfamiliar with GitHub, we recommend contacting FDG staff by opening a ticket for further instruction.

For more information about contributing to this site generally, see Contribute to Docs.

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