The Black Hand

The Black Hand

The Bullet that Changed the World

The Black Hand Lore

The Black Hand, always lurking in the shadows, a powerful secret society who changed the world and what we knew it as, under the oppression of the Austro-Hungarian rule, one bullet changed the fate of the entire world and from one bullet, the world was at war, economies crumbled, men, women, and children died, infrastructure was destroyed, and peace was no more, that is the power The Black Hand wielded, and that power was used for nothing more than the betterment of their people. People who were mistreated, people who were oppressed, people who were starved, beaten and seen as lower class, now after generations finally tasted their own freedom.

That man was Josip Broz Tito, the hero of Yugoslavia, the savior and our leader, but upon his death all that he built, the unity, turned to division, the infrastructure turned to rubble, peace, to yet another war, 'I will spill an ocean of blood for my people' and in return for his sacrifices, his people spilt their own blood, for their greed, such a large scale war is something The Black Hand could not prevent, and thus we went back to the shadows, hopeful that a new society was worthy of our presence.

Vin and Sam wanted to regain the honor of The Black Hand, and thus they traveled across the world, to countries whose views did not align with The Black Hand, specialist in assassination's and cyber warfare, they took the lives of leaders, and propped up new ones, Afghanistan, 1995, a country with plenty of life, enough money, and a rich and endearing culture, Afghanistan, 2010, an economy struggling to survive, their people murdered by their own, greed is overflowing, extremism is on the rise, and death is a guarantee. 'I want you to feel the pain of my people' their goals seemed to have been altered, do they wish to regain honor, or just to wreak havoc, after all, a pain that we all feel unifies us, and once we have felt that pain, then there might be peace in the end. Thus the process of de-stability was rinsed and repeated across many countries, Uganda, Kenya, Iraq, Iran, wherever there was life and prosperity, you could exploit greed, let the world burn in order to rebuild it, that was The Black Hands way.

After many years, Vin and Sam stumbled upon Los Santos, a city with unimaginable rates of crime and violence, people would get murdered, robbed and kidnapped on a daily basis, yet the economy thrived, their normal way of things would not work, so they sought power in numbers, 6 members running around trying to figure out how things worked, after 12 long hard months, turned to 16 members, the numbers were there, the power, discipline, and loyalty were not, so they burned it to the ground, time and time again until they achieved that desired power, and today we stand, as one of the most formidable forces that Los Santos has seen, the rulers of the North, the Dictator of Paleto Bay, we are only rivaled in strength by a few, we once again stand proudly as the embodiment of violence, those who live under our rule, live peacefully, those who disobey it, do not live to tell the tale of their disobedience.

Our goal is simple, Unity under one rule, our return to our former glory comes with consequence, we hold the power to imbalance the world, enough violence to burn it to ashes, and enough persistence to rebuild it, Death does not discriminate based on age, gender, religion nor association, to us you are just another name on our list, an obstacle towards our goal of a greater society, as such do not fear death, because death is inevitable.

We are The Black Hand

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