Genesis Corporation

Genesis Corporation

The Genesis Corporation Story

It all began when four Brothers and a Sister were forced to take over the family business, After their father Rodger passed away, Hughe Chenis stepped up and took control of the family business.

The family was specifically chosen by their previous organizations due to obtaining skills, that they were trained for in the military to run high-level covert operations in the shadows with the aim of not being heard or seen.

Hughe worked extremely hard to achieve his goals in the years that followed, achieving great things for Genesis Corporation, by creating a Business front that ensured his business partners traffic illegal goods into the city successfully through the business of Rodgers Salvage and Scrap.

After many years of working hard, Hughe invited his longest-standing friends whom he saw as Family to come and work for him at Genesis Corporation. In time he had watched people come and go, and Hughe needed the help of those he trusted most.

Many months later Hughe was offered an opportunity he couldn't turn down and decided to retire with his wife Mrs. Chenis. He left his Business in the Hands Of Anthony James and Hannah James.

Although they stuck with the core of Genesis Corporation they knew that sometimes you have to change things up to move forward. Over the next few months, they went through many changes, some changes they lost and some they won.

Genesis Corporation continued to be Businessmen and women, but they were not afraid to hang the suit up if needed and sort out those that did them wrong. The Genesis Corporation sometimes switched to less formal attire to conduct their operations and to not stick out to the authorities.

Genesis Corporation's ultimate goal is to continue providing for the city of Los Santos in illegal and legal trades. In the wise words of Hughe Chenis, "The city of Los Santos will provide."