Los Santos Outlaws

Los Santos Outlaws

The Los Santos Outlaws: Origins

Growing up throughout the farms within grapeseed living day by day on their own livestock and crops, a cartel like group led by Tarkin Growl was always eager to test the borders of what they could do throughout the farmhouse at O’Neils. Experimenting in many different activities throughout the basement they discovered a newfound love for crime and creating drugs. Jolly Olly was a father figure to Tarkin as he had lost his fellow brothers Curtains and Jayjay, Olly had been in the markets for years and passed down all of his experience and skills to Tarkin and the group.

Laying low in Grapeseed made it easy to grow as a group and be able to continue their illegal desires under the cover of just being farmers to the public. Expanding their connections and dealings was a priority to the group as they thirsted for more and more money. Through the sales of fruit and vegetables creating a cover up for the drugs and guns, this made it easy for the Outlaws to move mass amounts of product to their customers without catching the eye of CIB.

They became to be known as the Outlaws as they were not easily accepted into society and felt as though they were rejected by others leaving them on their own throughout the county, but this is where they grew to be strong and powerful as well as building a bond like no other. The cowboy cartel group had many responsibilities which made Tarkin reach out for help to control the new scouts and outlaws as they were ever growing, recruiting Hector Growl and Zhavia Growl as his Deputy Chief and Enforcer.

Outlaws are notoriously known to the San Andreas Police as many of their members have a long history of run-ins with the police. When hearing of a police force targeting gangs up north known as “Operation Desert Storm” the Outlaws along with all the northern gangs uniting to show their force against the Police. In doing so three of the four major northern gangs were then Outlawed. Throughout their time they have been Outlawed twice which has drawn a lot of cop attention towards them anytime they are seen.

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