Lost Motorcycle Club

Lost MC

The Lost MC began as a group of friends who liked motorcycles, they opened their own branch of the Flywheels garage. Beginning with Dan Gunna & Adam Russel and eventually the group grew hungry for money and Flywheels cut them off and moved to Sandy they got into illegal trade. The Lost MC then moved down to Mirror park to support there illegal trade moving into a club house down there.

The Clubhouse gave the spot for the Lost MC to do their dealings and it supported them in there quest to make as much money as possible. After the move into Mirror Park the Lost MC Secretary looked at the books to see roughly $20,000,000 Monthly earnings! Unfortunately the Lost haven't found any contractors to renovate the Lost Clubhouse as of yet.

The Lost have had there fair share of adversity, but through every challenge the Lost have managed to Adapt and Overcome through all these challenges it has made Lost MC what it is today!