The Slovak Mafia

Slovak Mafia

The Slovak Family in Los Santos

The Slovak Mafia Story

The Slovak Family were first immigrants before becoming a household name. Fleeing from Hungary in the late 1960s due to a Russian invasion, they were forced to move from city to city before they landed in Los Santos in 2017.

As new citizens of the city at that time, they were exploring what it had to offer. They stumbled upon a car meet happening in Legion Square and were offered advice and guidance from the Mongano Family.

Being exposed to the underworld life of Los Santos, Nik Merc delved deep into what the criminal life had to offer, founding The Slovak Mafia. Working alongside the Lunatix MC and the Mongano Family, they grew strong.

Taking control of the cocaine market located at Marlowe Drive Vineyard airstrip, they gained plenty of attention. Due to the massive amounts of money flowing in, with little to no infrastructure in the city at that time, they were the beacons for criminal activity, attracting large numbers of criminals to join The Slovak Mafia, but also the San Andreas Police Force.

According to police records, multiple "The Slovak Mafia" affiliates were charged with: Arms Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Terrorism.

The city entered a new era, where all the citizens had to rebuild again with new government infrastructure and policies in place.

The Slovak Mafia was introduced to a new, more organized underground world, the Syndicate. Providing a secure supply of weapons and drugs for The Slovak Mafia, they grew quickly again. Expanding into illegal gambling rackets that were later shut down by the government.

The Slovak Mafia continued to grow, and with these numbers, they had to change their base of operations multiple times before finding La Fuente Blanca to call their home.

Nik Merc was called back to Hungary to help rebuild his village that was destroyed in the invasion and left The Slovak Family to his underboss, Josh.

Josh lost control of The Slovak Mafia quickly and let the organization be taken over by Italians. This was the downfall of The Slovak Mafia, and it was rebranded as the De-Rossi Family.

In 2022, Nik Merc arrived back in Los Santos to find no remains of the empire he had built. Turning to old contacts in the city, The Slovak Mafia was rebuilt.

Now known for their business front, Slovak Salami, The Slovak Mafia deals in more discreet ways than before, using submarines and jet planes to deliver their illegal goods to customers.

According to police reports, The Slovak Mafia is involved in trafficking narcotics of the higher classes (A & B) and has been raided by the Criminal Investigation Branch on the account of distributing illegal firearms.

The Slovaks reside at La Fuente Blanca, also known as the Slovak Ranch. Once just an estate with only a barn and a pig pen, it has been renovated to house the entire Slovak Mafia alongside their livestock. There is plenty of room for entertainment with underground gambling tables, processing rooms, and a luxurious pool with a swim-up bar."

To the public eye, The Slovak's wealth comes from their Slovak Salami. Processed and distributed out of the Slovak Ranch (La Fuente Blanca), it has attracted large groups of "foodies" who love the product. Some backlash from the organization "The Pigs In Blue" has claimed their ways of processing the Slovak Salami and ingredients are unethical, but that is yet to be proven by health officials. Despite the concerns, the product is popular on food shows such as: