Sons of Los Santos

Sons of Los Santos

The Sons of Los Santos was founded in Vinewood by a group of reckless individuals: Matt Frost, Kareem Haytham, Escanor Pride, Luna Haytham, Jay Cee, Jozzy Black, and Ryan Taylor. Although it seemed as though they all lived hidden and locked away in their gated mansions, beneath the surface is another life unknown to most.

Corrupted by the ins and outs of law enforcement, and in a city ridden with crime and dirty money, these savvy individuals found it easy to navigate around the system and make a successful life for themselves. They ride around on their Harleys distributing illegal guns and drugs, laundering their money through various businesses they own.

Initially, most individuals were sole riders. The group later formed through various acts of crime, realizing it was easier to be successful in a group of trusted members. Subsequently, they started their own MC - The Sons of Los Santos Motorcycle Club Vinewood Original.

Establishing their own turf took a while. The initial spot chosen was ‘Hornbills,’ a small abandoned dance club in Vinewood. With increased members, they outgrew that spot and took over Tequi-La-La, a renowned motorcycle club bar. Many memories were made in that bar - customers walking through the door, members rising through the ranks, and some of those same members meeting Mr. Mayhem. After some time, club numbers grew, and with another gang in close proximity, Vinewood felt crowded.

Church was held, the gavel struck the table, and a decision was made. It was time to find a clubhouse with a large area to call their own. They rode down south of the city and noticed a district with abandoned factories and empty buildings. This deserted place was just what these 1%ers were looking for.

After almost a year of grinding, The Sons of Los Santos had marked their own territory - La Mesa. They added locks to their clubhouse, made new vests, sewed in more patches, and continued doing what they always did – just with a larger convoy of riders.