The Shakers

The Shakers

The Shakers: A Gang's Rise to Power in Los Santos

The Shakers are a street gang located in the heart of south-side, led by Coco Proteinshake. He came to Los Santos as a broke refugee, leaving a war-torn country, but he saw endless opportunities upon arrival. In need of a right-hand man, he met Azor, who helped him start one of the most fearless gangs in Los Santos.

The Shakers initially resided in an old compound in south side and had limited funds, making it impossible to upgrade their place. While they faced financial struggles, Gaggy, Skinta, and Lucky were flying overseas for business meetings with suppliers.

Despite the tough start, The Shakers quickly grew in numbers, recruiting some of the most fearless gangsters in Los Santos. They wasted no time in making significant financial moves. As they gained control of the ports and terminals, they ventured into illegal imports.

The Shakers amassed substantial wealth, drawing the attention of the SAPF (San Andreas Police Force). Gaggy, a savvy businessman, provided The Shakers with an opportunity they couldn't refuse: ownership of the Amateur Fighting League (AFL), the sole fighting business in Los Santos. This allowed them to launder their dirty money.

Simultaneously, The Shakers released music and videos proclaiming their intent to take over the city, sparking conflicts with rival gangs and making them a hot topic in Los Santos.

The gang expanded its operations into illegal narcotics and firearms trafficking, all while maintaining a rigorous training regimen and gym routine. As competition emerged in south side, The Shakers swiftly built a massive $20 million compound to mark their territory. The compound featured a spacious garage, UFC gym, various rooms (including a notorious torture room), and a towering structure overseeing the entire south side.

This was just the beginning for The Shakers, who continued to shake things up for two years and remained a formidable force in Los Santos.

Shaking shit up for 2 years and still going strong.