The Sinners

The Sinners

The Tale of the Sinners

On a rainy, stormy night, Azor was working in the heart of the southside at his uncle's shop, Jose's garage. When he heard whispers from outside, Azor and his uncle Jose went to check what was going on outside. Once outside, masked gang members pulled up on them with guns and shot them both point blank as they both fell and hit the ground, gasping for air and bleeding out. Azor lay there helplessly and watched his uncle die. It started getting really dark for Azor, and as he was about to fade out, a loud thunder struck and a dark robbed figure appeared right before him. A skeletal figure with a robe and a scythe started walking towards Azor. It was the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper spoke to Azor and told him he would make him a deal in exchange for his life. He would heal all of his wounds, and, in return, he would need to form a street gang so vicious that it would control the South Side, a gang that would bring fear to the streets. A gang that would cause chaos and take lives, The Grim Reaper wanted nothing but more deaths and more souls to take. Azor was going to reject this offer as he grew up in a religious household and didn't want to take that path, but as he turned his head, he saw his uncle Jose lying there. Dead, lifeless. Revenge was needed; the other gangs in Los Santos had to pay for what had happened. Accepting the offer, Azor was healed by a prayer that was said by the Grim Reaper.

Azor gathered his close friends and formed one of the most notorious, vicious street gangs to ever walk Los Santos. The gang was called the Sinners. The Sinners are a notorious street gang thriving in the urban jungle of Southside; their true motives remain a well-guarded secret. Rival gangs and law enforcement have struggled to eradicate this menacing organization. The Sinners air of secrecy and their terrifying reputation continue to shield their criminal actions from scrutiny, allowing them to operate in the dark corners of the city.

The Sinners have established a significant presence in Southside, controlling it and using it as a front for their criminal operations. On the surface, they appear to be just "any other street gang" operating in the area. They control their territory, run low-level criminal activities, and even plan to have a legitimate business in the future. This facade allows them to keep law enforcement and rivals guessing.

There have been reports that people hear screaming and yelling down at the docks, reports of a dark figure in a robe that takes the souls of people that the Sinners sacrifice, and rumors that they hold these ritual meetings every week or so. Then again, these could all just be rumors, or could they?