Ufasele Brothers

Ufasele Brothers


The founders of the Ufasele Brothers can be traced back to their birthday, the capital city of Samoa, Apia. Cece Ufasele, the oldest and founding member of the Ufasele Brothers shared a small bedroom with his other brothers, Matu and Kefe, in the northern, harder part of the city. At a young age, the brothers’ parents separated after countless domestic violence cases between their mother Hine, and their father Kiamo. On the night of this separation, the brothers witnessed their mother get assaulted by their father with the family rakau, she was transported to the Apia hospital, and the brothers were passed into the care of their grandmother for the time being. It was on this night that the brothers witnessed their first real act of violence and betrayal, and from that night forward, the Ufasele Brothers promised that family and loyalty would come before any other value in life. A promise that the Ufasele Brothers still live by to this very day.

Unfortunately, this act of violence ingrained itself into the minds of the brothers, and throughout their childhood and into their early teenage years, the boys had various encounters with the Samoan law enforcement, and with other more sinister people in the city of Apia. Eventually, in their mid-teenage years, the brothers' display of rebellion and poor decision-making landed them in the grasp of the local gang, and this is where the brother’s true life of crime originated. Starting small, the brothers began stealing vehicles from the wealthier parts of town, stripping them of valuable parts, and selling them for a healthy profit. It was 2010 when the brothers' younger brother Hemi moved to New Zealand to live with their grandmother after realizing that Samoa no longer offered him anything but struggles.

The Ufasele Brothers were split, the youngest residing in New Zealand, and the older brothers still committing petty crimes in Samoa. Cece, Kefe, and Matu were devastated; they missed their younger brother and felt as if they had let their values slip in the face of the money they were making. This caused the three to spiral into depression, and with the unexpected passing of their mother, the three brothers quickly fell into darker crimes. They started taking the dirtier jobs from the local gang, including mugging individuals in the slums of Apia, or ‘teaching a lesson’ to those that disrespected the higher-ups of the organization. The three brothers were at rock bottom, with no real family left in Samoa; the three vowed they would work their way out of the position they had found themselves thrust into and would make a name for themselves. It was then that the brothers chose to break away from the local gang that controlled them.

This decision, unfortunately, was a great mistake, for as soon as the brothers went solo, they found themselves in handcuffs, facing charges of vehicle theft, and multiple accounts of assault. Ironically, the brothers found that the people that snitched them in were the same people that previously employed them. It was clear that this was the punishment for defying the local gang. Though it seemed like the end for the three brothers, as fate would have it, they were presented with a choice by the officers. Either spend the next three years behind bars in the capital city’s most notorious prison or be transported to Auckland, New Zealand, on a work detail for a new prison construction in the southern part of the city. Seeing this as a chance to reunite with their younger brother Hemi and make a new name for themselves, they were quick to choose a new life in Auckland.


The three oldest Ufasele brothers moved into a small three-bedroom apartment in the southern hood of Auckland on the 2nd of July 2012. The three had a stable job building the new prison, only a short bus ride from their apartment. While this provided an income, it wasn’t enough to keep the three of them on their feet, thus the brothers faced countless nights starving, eating sleep for dinner. Cece was the first to break off communication with their building firm and start his new adventure into the distribution of Marijuana. Kefe and Matu quickly followed suit. With this new ‘adventure,’ the brothers found that their struggles were no more, and the Ufasele brothers quickly became notorious in the Southern Auckland area for selling the highest quality Marijuana. This was the reputation that the three brothers were searching for, and with their newfound success, the brothers decided to try and reconnect with their youngest brother Hemi in the later months of 2013. The brothers clicked as if they had never been torn apart, and soon after the brothers' contact with their younger brother, Hemi moved from their grandmother’s home in Christchurch and into the house of his older brothers.

Life was good for the brothers, with very little to worry about, and enough money to keep them well within their comfort zone in the southern area of Auckland. But while the brothers were comfortable, they wanted more. They were tired of driving their beat-up cars and were tired of Auckland in general. They had enough money to be comfortable but wanted to experience the world through the eyes of luxury. Auckland wasn’t the place to create a drug empire, and all the brothers knew this deep in their heart.

On the evening of December 23rd, 2017, Cece and Kefe called a family meeting and proposed the idea of finally moving, and while the other brothers were originally hesitant to uproot what they had worked for, when shown the wealth they could create in Los Santos, Australia, they all mutually agreed to make a change, and on the 19th of April, 2018, they boxed up their apartment and moved to Australia with enough money to land them in a small apartment on Forum Drive, in the southern side of the city.


The first few months in Los Santos were hard; the brothers found it difficult to find work and eventually resorted back to their roots, stealing vehicles, and stripping them of their valuables. The brothers found this to be much more profitable in Los Santos, and this became their daily operation.

As history were to repeat itself, after amassing a sizeable amount of cash, the Ufasele brothers transitioned into the city's drug scene. They began to deal large quantities of Methamphetamine to addicts in Cypress flats for almost a triple turnover for what they had paid. This income was far greater than anything they made in New Zealand, and the brothers began to see their goal of luxury in the distance. This would be the brother’s life for the next year, and from 2018 to 2019, the Ufasele brothers became a notorious force in Los Santos' underground scene. With this reputation came influence and power, and this caused the Ufasele brothers to take claim over their apartment block, and then the street that they lived on. They purchased a house down from their apartment block in 2020, and this is where the brothers began operating from.


After spending a year operating as a four-man crew, the brothers realized that their operation had become too large for them to handle within their family. With the power and influence the brothers had gained, the prospect of joining forces with one of the most dominant street gangs in Southside was an appealing offer for many of the city's underground crowd. Slowly, the brothers moved from six members to eight members, to ten members.

It was when the Ufasele Brothers organization reached ten members that they received communication from a feared power in the city's underground, The Syndicate. The syndicate was infamous for controlling Los Santos' entire gang scene. Nothing went unnoticed by the Syndicate, and any wrong decisions were dealt with harshly. It was through this communication that the Ufasele Brothers learned that they would receive help to grow even larger in size and influence, but it would come at the cost of a great deal of work and dedication, but the brothers welcomed this with open arms, seeing this as an opportunity to finally reach the life of luxury they so desperately wanted.

After many months of sleepless nights, and an ungodly amount of work by the members of the Ufasele Brothers organization, the Syndicate pushed for them, and allowed them permission to take on-board two extra members, lessening the workload for the four brothers and giving them the opportunity to spread their influence further.


In the current year of 2023, the Ufasele Brothers are thriving and stronger than ever. During the time of their initial communication with the Syndicate to now, the Ufasele Brothers warred a rival street gang on Grove Street. It was through the victory of this war that the brothers gained a place they could finally call home, on the corner of Grove Street and Strawberry Avenue. This compound allowed the Ufasele Brothers organization to expand to new reaches they never before believed possible, and with the Syndicate allowing them the permission to take on four new street runners, the brothers had created one of the most dominant street gangs in the entire Los Santos region.

Unfortunately, present day, only Cece Ufasele remains as the original founding brothers of the organization, with the three other brothers leaving to live a quiet life of luxury back in their home country of Samoa. Fortunately, the brothers' core values of family and loyalty still remain strong, and Cece still keeps in tight contact with the three and funnels a large amount of money back home to them through the profits of the organization they built. Cece has continued to vow to keep working, continuously working to expand the Ufasele Brothers organization's influence and reach over Los Santos' underground scene.

The organization he now controls lives by one motto:

Aiga e tasi
One Family