The Vandals, Pictured in an undisclosed location.

On April 17, 2023, we highlighted a group making waves in Southside, often referred to as The Vandals. Over half a year has passed, and now they rank among the most aggressive factions in the San Andreas region. We believe it's time for an update. Dive into this in-depth article to uncover the truths about this notorious gang. If you missed our initial exposé on The Vandals during their early days as a graffiti crew, you can view it below.


Their Story Since:

Since our last report, The Vandals have taken the city by storm. For those unaware, they are a graffiti crew known for their hostile behavior, charisma, and devilish good looks. While their "art" was often criticized, the unexpected arrival and rapid takeover of the gang scene caught everyone by surprise. The city simply had no chance to prepare for the storm that would become The VANDALS.

Tales of their exploits travel through the city’s streets, which shows that this is only just the beginning. From cult-like behavior to political maneuverings, their actions have shaped the narrative of the city - and their paint has covered a majority of it, too. We delve deeper into the pivotal moments that have marked their growth, spotlighting the members at the heart of these events. As The Vandals' saga unfolds, we invite you to join us in dissecting these landmark episodes in their ever-evolving story.

Operation Barnacle

After receiving encrypted communications from the covert agency identified only as REDACTED, The Vandals were entrusted with a mission of grave importance: to track and obtain the hard drives of prominent San Andreas government figures, that being REDACTED and REDACTED. These drives held sensitive information pertaining to the classified Operation Barnacle.

However, what seemed to be a simple task quickly escalated into a defensive battle when they were ambushed by the elusive private military company, REDACTED. Determined to survive, The Vandals mounted a formidable defense atop Mount REDACTED. The Mayor of Los Santos, Chad Odessa, played a pivotal role, with REDACTED confirmed kills attributed to him.

Only a select few are aware of the details of this operation, and among them, The Vandals are hailed as unsung heroes. The gravity of what might have transpired, had Operation REDACTED not been stopped, remains a chilling thought for those in the know.

The Tree Banner

In a strange turn of events, The Vandals found themselves drawn to a tree that mysteriously grew in Barry's front yard. It wasn't just any tree, it became an object of cult-like reverence, gaining a devoted following over a number of days. In order to nurture its growth, various unconventional gardening methods were used, from Magic Sloth Urine to positive reinforcement, and allegedly, it was even fertilized with the remains of over 100 individuals.

The tree's growth was nothing short of miraculous, soaring to over seven stories tall. However, tragedy struck when the sacred symbol was seemingly cutdown. Enraged and heartbroken, The Vandals believed it to be a malicious act perpetrated by the enigmatic group known as REDACTED. After a long and tiring conflict, they eventually discovered their tree, unscathed, on the secluded terrains of Mount Gordo.

Many rumors surround these events, suggesting that the tree itself commanded the recruitment of two new members to join The Vandals. The validity of these rumors remains clouded due to the sobriety of the members during these truly extraordinary events.

Doug v The Crown

Vandals' leader, Doug Drealer, found himself at the center of a widely broadcasted court case, after being accused of kidnapping esteemed CIB officers Detective Sergeant Cliff Booth and Detective Malcolm Graves. Despite a mountain of evidence in Doug's favor—including claims of a setup by Jamestown General 'Beanz Lil' and AFP Deputy Dictator Commissioner Blake Sanderson, an alibi placing Doug on a fishing trip with Barry White, and even accounts of the Detective Sergeant stealing candy from children —the renowned attorney Bantu Sandeep Rabhishek could not secure a Not Guilty verdict. Given the weight of evidence suggesting Doug's innocence, many are left questioning the integrity of the court.

Known Members:

We've made a report detailing some of the known Vandals members, so that you know the type of lowlifes that run within this gang.

1IC | Doug "The Mouth" Drealer

"Alright so now that I've got myself a DREALR33 Yankton plate alright I'm gonna start f------ pulling rank around here, don't forget who you're 1ic is, alright? We're gonna start having KOS's every day of the week, four events every fortnight, and I want you to start pulling weight, alright? - Doug, giving very reasonable tasks to his crew.

Doug stands as a local legend within the Southside community, seemingly embodying the best (and worst) of what The Vandals represent. As the 1ic of this infamous gang, his reputation is formidable. However, whispers suggest there's more to Doug than meets the eye. He seemed to be an almost puppeteer behind Chad Odessa's mayoral campaign, to which the favor was returned with a coveted 4-letter Yankton plate. Additionally, he's been spotted in secret Southside gatherings with other prominent San Andreas personalities, evoking whispers of a secretive group, known only as REDACTED.


2IC | Barry "The Plug" White

"I'll give you 25k to get outta here." - Barry, after being offered a deal "not worth his time".

Barry, despite being the second-in-command seems to be the most fitting of the Vandal reputation. He's well-known throughout Southside for being "The Plug", and is often on the phone making deals, as long as it's "worth his time". He's a keen negotiator and is said to "hold down the airport", though we're not quite sure the meaning of this.

Sydney "The Rage" White

"I know who you are Mr. Bing.. Do you know who we are?!?" - Sydney, after being pulled over.

In the mean streets of Southside, the mere mention of SYDNEY WHITE* is enough to instill fear. Famed for his fiery temper and sharp-witted adlibs, he possesses an uncanny ability to target and exploit one's deepest insecurities. As the older brother to Barry, Sydney has imparted much of his knowledge to his younger brother, which includes his notorious rage/lack of patience. He refers to himself as "Syndicated Syd", a self-titled nickname yet to catch on with others.

Chad "The Child" Odessa

"It's not even about the Vandals, this is about ME!" - Chad, on the phone with Barry.

As of this article, Chad currently holds the position of Mayor in Los Santos, alongside being the host of the famous Real Talk Podcast. He proudly claims responsibility for bringing life to the city's trucking sector, although evidence backing this up is questionable. Chad's is extremely well-known throughout the city alongside being renowned for his teenage angst, pathological lying, and a near unseen level of "rizzing" skill. While he primarily serves as The Vandals' emblematic figurehead, it's not uncommon for many to mistake him for the 1ic.


Randy "The Foreigner" Daniels

"F--- Randy" - Basically everyone

Randy, alongside most of the other Vandals, is born and raised Southside. However, unlike the others, he picked up none of essential street-knowledge/charisma that the other members seem to have. He is rumoured to have survived seven "PK" attempts, and you're most likely to see him parachuting across Los Santos.

Gus "The Creator" Remhad

"5/5 star review from me. Gus is a very talented guy and I recommend his services highly." - A review of GusDesign

Gus originates from a cult-like community in Paleto Bay, known as "The Paletists". He was the apprentice of ex-member Aza Remhad, and is the CEO of popular media company GusDesign. He is a master image/video editor, and is thought to handle majority of the "media" that The Vandals release.

Bobby "The Cargo" Hill

"Dude, I'm getting f------ overwhelmed!" - Bobby, having a sensory overload attack at work.

Bobby has been a Vandals affiliate since day one, and became a full-fledged member after his audition tape blew The Vandals apart. He's a true member of Gen-Z, an iPad kid, and is well known for his undeveloped frontal lobe.

Dior "The Hustler" Armani

"Please do not try to harm the good thing we have going here with Dior's simp bucks profiting the gang" - Gus Remhad

Dior, known for her central role in a complex love triangle involving Doug and a leader from a rival gang, joined The Vandals following an instruction from the mystical tree. As the sole female member of the gang, she possesses a unique influence, amassing large amounts assets and funds by capitalizing on the adoration of her many "simps".

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