Dear Community

Closing Dealerships

At the end of the CEO tenures we are planning to phase out the existing car dealership businesses. We will have the majority of cars be sold in a blip at PDM, but for the more exclusive high end cars we will have them be sold at our existing mechanic businesses. Our vision is for our mechanic business to become a 'one-stop-shop for cars', acting as a mechanic, dealership and service center.

It's been a long known fact that the amount of content a dealership can offer is not enough to justify it being it's own business. The dealers often end up being a "blip operator" and due to the nature of buisnessses in our server, there is nothing that can be done to fix this issue. There is not enough demand to justify multiple stand alone dealerships, but by not having competition it makes the roleplay offered by car dealers very limited.

Whilst the used car dealerships do not suffer to the same severity as PDM, we believe this is the right option for them as well. Demand for these businesses is not high enough to justify have 2, but more than 2 is needed for proper competition. By merging the organisations, we have more businesses which can offer a more competitive market.

Employees will all be paid a severance package, depending on their rank, which is equivalent to 4 weeks of pay. From there, they can apply (and will be given priority if suitable) at other businesses.

Illegal Car Mods

Additionally, at the end of the tenure, Los Santos Tuners will be shutting down. Each mechanic will will then have the ability to perform illegal car modifications. We have found the demand of these modifications to be too infrequent to justify it being it's own business. The plan will be each mechanic will have methods to install these mods which are better implemented, and have some form of risk. We will be also be rebalancing widebodies to make the items required to craft it become obtainable again. We want to keep it rare, but not impossible. A new system will be put in place to make this feature not abusable and fair for all

Locations of the Businesses

We intend to rework each of the business locations. We have a rough plan which is subject to change. Here are the details

  • Benny's will remain in their current location, which is already a prime spot. They will have some work done to expand their room outside of the shop.
  • LSC will be moving to the Dashound Bus Terminal (opposite lower pillbox). This is a better spot, with more room, and closer to the population centers. Significant construction work will be custom made to make this area suitable.
  • Hayes will be moving to a awesome rooftop tuner shop in Little Seoul, which is located closer to the city center
  • FlyWheels remain the only regional mechanic. They will take over CMG as their car dealership, and be the sole dealership who can sell aircraft from their Sandy Airfield location.

The goal with these moves & tweaks is to ensure each mechanic has enough room to do business, with the additional dealership component. Additionally, we want to ensure no business has a significant disadvantage when it comes to foot traffic and distance to foster proper competition.


Changes to the Job

We are planning some development work for these jobs. We want the focus to be on the employees making money, and it being a viable, enjoyable career opportunity. This will include the following changes

  • Removing opportunities for abuse (such as not charging people for mods)
  • Allowing for more freedom for dealers and mechs to offer competitive pricing, with less restriction
  • Improving the gameplay elements for these jobs (such as having car contracts, needing to physically install mods, etc.)
  • Flexibility for business owners to have more say over the operations of their business, such as rank layouts, pricing, employee roles, etc.
  • Better system for used car sales, including 'nerfing' private sales to encourage the use of a broker (not sure yet)