FDG Newsletter - May 2023

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Hello all, welcome back to the Fat Duck Gaming Monthly newsletter. May has been a Month focused on new updates and changes to the whole server where possible. Our new Trial Developers Ridge, Joey & Fazz all have performed and done an outstanding amount of work throughout May which includes, but isn't limited to blindfolds by Joey, boltcutters by Ridge and changes to metas surrounding drug pushing by Fazz!

There's plenty more to come from them, a couple of big projects in the pipeline which are top secret right now but will eventually come. You can review more of their changes and changed by the entire development team by making sure to keep up to date with the "Dev Updates" channel in our main discord.

Community Events

Throughout May Quack Events did what it does best and sponsored MORE than one event a day throughout the Month of May. This was done by supervising, spawning and helping out with prizes for almost every event hosted during May.

On top of this, we held a few events of our own, the Mayoral election as well as the Desert Eagle skin competition that finishes this evening with plenty of really awesome designs by members of our community.

We encourage members of the community to submit support tickets when they want help with an event as long as its not unreasonable, though we can work together to negotiate differences back and forth.

To stay up to date with all updates and changes, join our Discord at the link provided and make sure to keep up to date with these Newsletters as they're released.

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On the 28th of May, 2023 we hit a record of 591 players on the Server with no impact to performance or stability!

Wonderful and positive things are happening every day across the Community that contributes to shaping the culture of Fat Duck Gaming. And so, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and share our appreciation.

Content Creator of the Month


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Staff Promotions & Special Mentions

Volunteering takes time and energy, and we don’t credit our Staff and Development Team enough for their selfless commitment to our Community. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge some great work and recent promotions within our team.

There's been a few promotions in the last month, these are those.

  • Martah - Promoted to Administrator
  • Bekamber - Promoted to Administrator
  • Dishonest - Promoted to Administrator
  • Pyrix - Promoted to Developer

Community Mentions

Great initiatives and roleplay are happening throughout the server. Here's a shout-out to some of the people who have impressed us recently with their creativity and/or efforts in roleplay.

The following gangs have received a special mention from Gang Staff for their roleplay over the past quarter.

Syndicated Gang of the Month: The Underdogs

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Registered Gang of the Month: Sicarii

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