FDG Newsletter - October 2023

We're back! Sorry for the delay.


Hello everyone, apologies for the delay over the last few Months on the newsletters, we've had some issues with the new formatting, as well as life getting in the way in some certain aspects. However though, we are back and will be doing these newsletters monthly again! There has been so much happening since May of this year, you can find most of it in the "Dev Updates" channel in the main discord, some of the highlights however, are the new Theme Park at Vespucci by Bungle, fire modes for weapons by Kn0pee, Garage Robberies by Joey, trucking by Kn0pee, the new EMS system by Kn0pee and FaZz and everyone's current favourite, fishing by Ridge. There is so much happening and so much more to come with a completely unique gang system announced by Kn0pee and a lot of stuff I have most certainly missed from that channel so make sure you keep up with it.

Community Events

Our Quack Events team and the community as a whole have been killing it with events recently! The Server barely goes a night without a big scale community event being ran and our in character IAA overseeing and assisting everyone where possible. Including the helping with events we also run our own heists and in-character events via Cruisey's character "Agent Cruise" who you'll see floating around and should approach if you're keen on taking on one of his heists using RP and shooting skills combined.

SInce May we've had two community wide events, the first was a bomber jacket competition where we had so many high quality submissions and a screenshot competition where the ENTIRE community came out to compete and submitted their wonderful screenshots. We'll also be conducting another Community wide event in December for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for that!


We will be bringing this section of the newsletter back ASAP, however for this Month we've elected not to choose a content creator or gang of the month as we're only getting back into the swing of things. Be on your best behaviour and on the grind during November to get that recognition at the end of the Month.

Staff Promotions & Special Mentions

  • Fazz promoted to Full Developer
  • Joey promoted to Full Developer
  • Ridge promoted to Full Developer
  • Dloading0 promoted to Administrator
  • Lamar promoted to Administrator
  • Kazu promoted to Administrator
  • Synz promoted to Administrator
  • Bobbeth promoted to Moderator
  • Damo promoted to Moderator
  • Inji promoted to Moderator
  • Denzlle promoted to Moderator
  • iRhyz promoted to Moderator
  • Jonathan promoted to Moderator
  • Lastonearth promoted to Moderator
  • MissLala promoted to Moderator
  • Seyi promoted to Moderator
  • Slick promoted to Moderator
  • Sorry Im Salty promoted to Moderator
  • Syn promoted to Moderator
  • Sytriz promoted to Moderator
  • vSkxyz promoted to Moderator
  • Zylar promoted to Moderator