FDG Newsletter - November 2023

Two months in a row?!


Hello everyone, welcome back to another newsletter! As I mentioned in the previous one these newsletters are going to be Monthly once again, though will cover slightly less as we go on considering there's much less going on in one month versus a gap like last time.

November has been a big Month for our development team. Ridge finished his fishing script, get out there with your mates and grab an esky for that extra XP! The second stage of Roxwood was finished and the Vinewood Dam is now letting more water flow out into the ocean. Watch where you're driving!

There's plenty happening and more to come in December, it may be a slow one considering our developmeant team will want to be with their family during the holiday season. N|Solid

Community Events

The Quack Events team have come out once again in November and supported four events a week as well as hosting our own community-wide "ugly sweater" contest which ends this Sunday evening. We also have another community event coming very soon that we have to keep under wraps which more people will likely participate in. N|Solid

As Kn0pee has announced his massive changes to the gang scene, we once again don't have a Gang of the Month and may not have one for December. However, as of the 29th of November two of our long standing syndicated gangs voluntarily disbanded as the new requirement of having no senior staff in gangs came into effect and we'd like to acknowledge the effort and time they spent as valuable gangs within our community.

Los Santos Triads


Sons of Los Santos


Content Creator of the Month -- https://www.twitch.tv/f1lf


Staff Promotions & Special Mentions

  • Noah joins our Development Team as a Trial Developer and will work on 3D modelling
  • Sutto is promoted to full Developer and will work on Data & Balance
  • Balakay is promoted to Senior Administrator
  • Ian is promoted to Senior Administrator