FDG Newsletter - First of 2024

A bigger and better Newsletter



Welcome back to the Newsletter Fat Duckers! This is our first Newsletter of 2024 and we'd like to wish you all a belated Happy New Year and hope everyone is doing well as we head back to University, school and work for most of our players.

We've had a MASSIVE three Months since our last newsletter. These newsletters will likely be every 3 months or sporadically when we have a lot to share because unfortunately a Monthly newsletter leaves it feeling hollow and pumped up with stuff people don't particularly care about.

In saying that though, this newsletter is going to be huge, to name a few things since our most recent one, we've had a Casino overhaul! Unforgiven as the CEO and the support from Kn0pee and Bungle has turned the casino into a massive weekly hub of events and games for our community. Poker, roulette, slots and horse racing to name a few of the games playable.

Below we'll discuss in-depth a more thorough description of our development updates and provide a few sneak-peeks to the updates coming in the next few Months. Keep it quiet though, non-newsletter readers don't deserve the knowledge. 🤫🤫🤫


Development Updates

If you haven't been paying attention to our Development Update channel you may have missed a few of the MASSIVE overhauls during the last 3 Months. Listed below are the updates in quick succession and a brief description.

Car Dealerships

Our car dealerships are gone (kind of), luxury vehicles have all been moved to our mechanics who have all had a face-lift and Haye's has moved to Little Seoul. Used car sales are in place too, make sure to bargain!

Phone Changes

We have a new phone. Included with it is FaceTime, a Marketplace app, a Skills app, the new groups app yet to be released and a lot more quality of life updates.

3D Documents

Always wanted to share photos with your friends? We've got that now. Showing your badge, photos, VIP cards and much more above your head via the phone or using polaroids / special items!

Map Updates

Southside Sewers have been added, a massive and intricate sprawling tunnel system allowing for unique RP and escapes from the police. Cayo v3 has arrived with all new areas for Black Hand to tax you on and a road named after a Mexican junky.

Vehicles / "The Big Change"

As we are all aware, Rockstar and CFX are coming down hard on copyrighted assets. As such, our brand new vehicle team have been working very hard on bringing us new and improved de-badged and local cars. This change also brings the slowing down of vehicles, over time we are improving the speed and consistency of our cars to focus on our talented drivers rather than letting the cars win races or pursuits for people.


Our newly minted developer Cruisey has been working very hard on animations across a plethora of parts of the server such as EMS animations, general animations everyone can do, police animations, such as the the new breathalyzer effect and animation.

Drugs (Sneak Peek)

Drugs are having a massive overhaul! Most of them doing something new and applying an effect, far more trippy and debilitating but worth the risk. A drug overhaul is coming, courtesy of another one of our new developers, Golden Eagle who has worked hard to develop and create a leveling and XP system for drugs with all new animations, payouts, and ways to interact with gangs. You will see this in the coming days.

Cops & Robbers!

Gangs and the police have both been given some love. With our CIB becoming RAPTOR, and all new anti-gang taskforce focused on bringing down and hurting the gangs. Our gangs have also been given some love with shipments for their weapons, attachments and drugs. Allowing for more interaction between gangs and a larger risk when getting your illicit items.


Community Events

The Quack Events team has gone huge in these past few Months, we've had two community wide competitions, two extended gang events and our individual gang events such as the "NEXUS Protocol" by GolTaw were a treat for gangs to participate in.

Currently on is our graffiti competition and previously we had the Maibatsu Sunrise Livery Competition running as well! Plenty more to come and make sure to suggest the ones you want. N|Solid

As our community grows in size and gang applications have been reopened our gangs have been given the time and capacity to grow into and really focus on their identities and roleplay. Two gangs in particular who have shown this over the last few months are the Genesis Corporation and Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate who are both receiving shoutouts and special mentions in this newsletter.

GenCorp have done extremely well with keeping up with events as well as getting into the "old money" theme that their new compound brings. Driving and dressing appropriately to boot. Di'Pintos have been rewarded with a coffee shop and are giving us unique and amazing coffee shop RP with their new buffs.

F1zzydrinks is our featured content creator for this newsletter due to his unique character and willingness to try new things for us at Fat Duck Gaming as well as take a loss and not complain about it! He is an upbeat, outgoing and really cool dude and if you haven't already checked him out you should.

Genesis Corporation


Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate



Staff Promotions & Special Mentions

  • Noah is promoted to full Developer, focusing on vehicle team.
  • Syn is promoted to full Developer, focusing on vehicle team.
  • Basegod is promoted to full Developer, focusing on graphics as a part of our vehicle team.
  • SoCriispy is promoted to full Developer, focusing on graphics as a part of our vehicle team.
  • Golden Eagle is promoted to full Developer, focusing on scripting and balancing changes.
  • Cruisey is promoted to full Developer, focusing on graphics and promotional content.