Diving Guide

By Fazz

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So you’re wanting to give scavenging a go, are you? Well if you're someone who wants to go from rags to riches this is the activity for you! Diving or Scavenging is a great way to test your luck, during this activity, you’ll be able to gather items valued from $10 through to $9,000. Just remember to not sell everything as some items have a hidden street value which can be MORE than what stores offer.

What do I need to get started?

Your first step is to get the right equipment, you’ll want to head to the nearest clothes store and put on your favorite diving gear! A crucial part of this process is the diving tank, you’re going to want to select your Undershirt to 123.

Secondly, you're going to want to swim faster right? Flippers are the way to go! They are in the Shoes category under 67.

Now that you have the appropriate scuba gear, it's time to head to the nearest gun store and purchase a hunting knife, this is what you’re going to use to dig for treasure.

Male Outfit: Diving outfit male

Female Outfit:

Diving outfit female

How do I use my equipment?

So this part of the process is where most people get wrong, you're going to want to take your shirt off then walk into a body of water, you're going to need to be floating. Once you are floating in the water you can either type “/Shirt” in your chat box or you can use your Alt muscle and select your shirt. Once you leave the water your scuba tank will fall off. REMEMBER to ALWAYS put your tank on or you will drown.

Where do I go?

The whole Ocean! Large bodies of water are a great spot to scavenge. Think of places where people would lose valuables and you’re going to want to search there. The local community are quite clumsy and drop high valued rings, coins or antiques, find spots where there would be an abundance of locals and test your luck!

What can I get?

Scavenging can be quite profitable as there is little to no investment to get started, you’ll be able to find items ranging from Shells & Crabs, Broken iPhones & GoPro’s to Diamond Rings & Golden Coins. You MIGHT be lucky enough to find yourself a Locked Hardcase or a Briefcase! But they are VERY rare.

How do I scavenge for loot?

While at the bottom of the ocean you will need to press G. Once the timer is up, you will be presented with a maximum of 3 items all of varying rarity. Keep in mind that it is completely random, and don't be surprised if you get nothing! Happy scavenging!