Farming Guide

By Mike Hydra

  1. Open your map by pressing ESC, drag your mouse down to move up to the Regional Areas of the map. You can see the 2 icons of Tractors, one in Paleto and the other in Grapeseed.
  2. Go to this location and you should see a blip outside the main big Barn at this farm area.

farming barn location

  1. Once you have picked a job you want from the job board it should automatically spawn you a Quad Bike. Sick! Make sure you press your seatbelt hotkey otherwise you'll fly off and potentially die.
  2. Drive the Quad to the location you need to ( green little dots on your mini map) and do the tasks (it's super important to not accidentally do 2 at the same time by spamming the button, it will break the mission and you'll have to do /cancelmission and start another one).

farming pickup location

  1. Once you have done the mission go back to the Warehouse you started at.
  2. Store the Quad bike away in the complete mission blip. You will get cash in your pocket plus you can sell your fruit at the Farm Store located nearby.

farming sell location

That's it. Happy farming!