By basedgod & EndiVel


Fishing is an excellent and interactive way of making money legally. Time will fly as you attempt to catch the biggest and best fish out there, all the while gaining XP and revealing new species alongside new locations as you move up the ladder! Created by Ridge, this new and improved fishing script reveals a fun and engaging activity that you and your mates can crack open a cold one and enjoy together.

Getting started

  • In order to begin your fishing adventure, you must first have a rod. You can buy a novice rod from the fishing store located in Roxwood.
  • In order to look at your fishing level, simply type /fishinglevel into your chat and it will appear in the top left, displaying your current level and your progress below.
  • You can start at Alamo Sea from level 0, and as you gain experience varying locations will become available for you to fish at, but you’ll have to figure out where! (Hint: they have water).
  • These different locations have different fish that can be worth higher amounts and can give you higher XP, so it’s in your best interest to get your levels up.

Fishing Store

How to Fish

  1. When you catch a fish, a small minigame will appear in the center of your screen
  2. The aim of the game is to hold the white box over the fish icon until the orange bar on the right fills to the top
  3. You can move the white box up and down by pressing any button on your keyboard, including your mouse
  4. The fish will jump up and down, and can alternate between going fast and slow, so best keep your eye on it!
  5. Once the orange bar fills, you will be told what you caught in the top right, and the fish will appear in your inventory


Fish Tiers

There are different levels of fish that you can catch. These will be displayed with stars on the item, and a coloured outline around the fish icon, so you’ll know the quality of the fish immediately. Each tier will sell for a different price within the Fishing Store.



Outside the Fishing Store there will be a “Bundle Store” blip that you can access. Within this store, a select variety of fish will be listed that you can sell together for a higher price than you would regularly in the store. These bundles will change regularly, so it’s in your best interest to explore other fishing locations, and to do so throughout the day and night as this changes the fish you will catch!

Tips & Tricks

  • Purchase an Esky so you can share a beer with your mates and earn some extra XP!
  • Open your inventory and drag the fishing rod to your hotbar. Then press the respective key to cast your line and continue fishing without having to open your inventory.
  • Learn the most efficient way to catch fish, because as you progress to higher level zones the fish become harder to catch… but you’ll get higher XP bonuses and more profitable fish.
  • You will need higher tier fishing rods to fish in new zones!