Hunting Guide

By basedgod

Hunting Guide


Hunting is a good legal source of making money. It’s time consuming, satisfying and rewarding. There is a variety of wildlife scattered across the county and the ocean to hunt, skin and pelt to sell for money.

Getting Started

  1. The first step to hunting is to obtain a hunting license from the Government Building. Hunting without a license is illegal and can result in San Andreas Rangers Service (SARS) charging you. You must also obtain a firearms license to legally obtain hunting weapons. Hunting & Firearms licenses both cost $50,000 each.
  2. Next, head to a gun store and purchase either a Hunting Rifle or Crossbow and the ammunition needed to fire them. These two weapons are the only weapons you can use to kill wildlife without destroying the pelt. You must also purchase a hunting knife to skin the animal.
  3. You can purchase equipment from one of the three Ned’s Small Goods stores to purchase tools and equipment to process pelt for maximum profit at the cost of more labour.

Gun & Hunting Stores

How to Hunt

  1. To start hunting, you will need to search for wildlife. They are generally found in mountains, swamps and woodland areas or then ocean.
  2. Kill an animal using either the Hunting Rifle or Crossbow. Keep in mind you can only use a crossbow in the ocean and require scuba gear.
  3. Once you kill an animal you will have the option to skin them by pressing E with a hunting knife in your hands and selecting skin animal. Be mindful you cannot skin more than one animal at a time during the animation.
  4. Once you are satisfied with what you’ve gathered, you can head to the hunting store and can either purchase tools and equipment to process the pelt or sell your goods as is.

What can you hunt?

County Hunting

The County of San Andreas is home to many huntable wildlife such as:

  • Cougars
  • Coyotes
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Boar
  • Birds

Ocean Hunting

The Ocean has a vast space and holds many saltwater species such as:

  • Sharks
  • Orcas
  • Whales
  • Stingrays
  • Turtles
  • Dolphin

Ocean Life

Tips & Tricks

  • Ask a friendly hunter how to process a pelt. There are typically people processing at your local Ned’s Small Goods.
  • When shooting guns, animals get scared. Find a position where you can shoot multiple animals at once when they run.
  • Animals tend to look for shelter and rest when it’s night time and raining. Pick your time to hunt and make the most of your time when the weather is good.
  • Team up with your friends and work together to split the profits. Hunting can be a fun group activity.