Racing Guide

By basedgod

Racing Scene

Racing Scene

FDG has an active racing scene with clubs such as Dragon Underground and Midnight Club who host races for prizes. If you enjoy racing and community interaction we highly suggest checking them out! The racing script was produced by our Senior Developer, Martibo and has excellent features and UI so it’s extremely easy to learn.

How to Create a Race

The First step to hosting races with your friends and competitors is to create a race.

  1. To enter race creator mode type /racecreator create
  2. Now you must place checkpoints. Keep in mind where you start the race is where it is, don’t place your first checkpoint on your starting location. If you intend to make a race with laps, you want your last checkpoint to be back at the starting checkpoint.
  3. To place checkpoints you can either open your map and click a place on the map or you can drive around in a car and press G if your checkpoint is in a tricky spot such as under a bridge or on an exit of a highway. There is no limit to checkpoints.
  4. If you have misplaced a checkpoint you can delete it by double clicking the checkpoint on the map. Keep in mind if you delete the checkpoint it automatically numbers the next checkpoints.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your checkpoints, you can save the race by typing /racecreator save <name>. Keep in mind the name can only contain letters and numbers. You cannot use spaces or other characters. i.e. /racecreator save eventrace1
  6. To exit race creator without saving you can type /racecreator cancel and if you would like to delete a saved race you can type /racecreator delete <name>

How to Host a Race

Once you have created a race you can now host them with your friends! We suggest having 5 or more racers for the most ideal experience.

  1. To list all your race names type /race list and it will display every race you have saved.
  2. Once you know the name of your race you would like to host, head to the starting point before your first check point and type /race start <race name> <delay> <laps>. Delay is the number of seconds you want to delay before the race starts. Laps is the number of laps you would like the race to go for.
  3. When you start the race, other racers can join by pressing E and they will join the race. If you would like to stop the race type /race stop and that will immediately end the race.
  4. If you happen to total your car (happens to the best of us) you can leave the race by typing /race leave.
  5. When racers complete the race, everyone in the race will be notified VIA the chat as well as their time of completion.

List of Commands

Race Creator

/racecreator create - Enter race creator mode.

/racecreator cancel - Exits race creator mode without saving.`

/racecreator save <name> - Saves race.

/racecreator delete <name> - Deletes race.


/race list - Lists all races saved.

/race start <name> <delay> <laps> - Starts a saved race.

/race stop - Immediately ends the race.

/race leave - Leaves an ongoing race.

Tips & Tricks

Making quality races for beginners might be tricky at first but there’s some tips and tricks to make it easier for other racers to follow the track.

  • When placing a checkpoint on corners, place the checkpoint around the corner. Doing this will make it less of a guessing game when turning corners.
  • Include the location of your races in your name so you know which races start where. This makes it easier to identify the starting location if you have numerous races.
  • Make a racing radio FX with your friends so you can communicate easily to other racers to warn them about cars, civilians or EMS/PD blocking roads.
  • Bring multiple patch kits when racing or have 100% armour on your vehicle to avoid totalling your car mid race. Refueling and getting repairs between races is ideal.
  • Keep in mind street racing is illegal and you may attract cop attention. Make sure you adhere to all server rules including accidentally running someone over.