Robbery & Theft Guide

By basedgod

Store Robberies


Looking to live a life of high risk and high reward? Robbery & Theft is the exhilarating gateway to a life of crime. Everyone wants to live a life of luxury and committing crime is the fastest way to get there but it also comes at a cost. Now you’ve got to make the decision, are you willing to risk your freedom for a lifestyle of pure adrenaline and infamy?

In the city, robbery and theft are crimes. If you're caught by the Police you may be arrested, given a fine or even sent to jail. See the San Andreas Register of Law.

Store Robbery

Store robberies are the first step to becoming a professional thief and they’re quite easy to do however it’s also the least rewarding.

  1. First step to robbing stores is to get a firearm and a getaway vehicle. Having another person as a getaway driver and lookout is the most ideal. You can have a MAXIMUM of 6 people in store robberies.
  2. Next, you have to find a store with a clerk that’s working. There are many gas stations, liquor stores and restaurants around Los Santos.
  3. When you’ve entered the store, aim your firearm at the clerk and they will fill up bags full of cash until they empty the register. If you stop aiming your gun the clerk will stop filling the bags. If the store has been robbed recently there won’t be any money left in the till and he will let you know you’re wasting your time.
  4. Watch out for the cops because now you’re on the radar and it’s getaway time! Good luck you filthy criminal.


House Robberies

Looking to level up to a more profitable and competitive style of robbery? Time to try some house robberies! Just be careful, no one likes having their belongings stolen.

How to Rob Houses

  1. First step to robbing houses is to get some tools to do so. There are many ways to get your hands on them. Try asking some seasoned criminals how to get your hands on the right gear for the job.
  2. Now it’s time to scope out some residential areas where you can rob houses. Try opening some doors with your tool by clicking use item at the front door. If it lets you open the door you’re in the right spot. If not, the owners must’ve either upgraded the security or neighbourhood watch is on patrol in that area.
  3. Collect as many household items as you can inside then when you’re satisfied, figure out where you can sell your loot.

Robbery Tip

Bank Heists

Bank Heists are the final test to graduate as a Professional Criminal. This is the most profitable form of robbery and is by far the most rewarding with the most risk. It takes a lot of skill and teamwork to pull off a successful bank heist. Make sure you plan out your heist well and ask other criminals what equipment you need to finish the job. You can have a MAXIMUM of 6 people in bank heists.