How to Appeal an Administrative Decision

The appeals process is currently under review and may change soon. We'll keep you posted.

Administrative Appeals

FDG has high standards and treats all situations with objectivity. If you believe your administrative action was placed in error you are well within your right to appeal the decision. All administrative appeals are reviewed by senior staff members and are placed under scrutiny where all information is assessed as a decision is concluded.

Please note, an apology for your actions is not an acceptable reason to appeal an administrative action.

Placing an Appeal

To place an appeal head to Appeals - Fat Duck Gaming Community make sure you include evidence of your claim and a detailed description of why you believe your action was placed in error. Follow the template provided for authorised staff to investigate.

Appeal Template - Website Tutorials - Fat Duck Gaming Community

The Appeals Process

Once your appeal has been submitted it will be reviewed by the senior staff team, during this process we ask you to wait patiently for the result, messaging staff or tagging staff in the FDG discord may result in your appeal being instantly rejected. After your appeal has been reviewed, you will be alerted of this outcome. This decision is final and we expect all members of The FDG community to respect the process and the decision. Harassing staff members regarding your appeals outcome is not tolerated.