Donations & Subscriptions

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As FDG continues to expand and thrive, the support of its dedicated players and enthusiasts becomes vital in sustaining its growth, maintaining high-quality resources, and ensuring seamless gameplay experiences. Supporting FDG is an entirely voluntary endeavor, allowing individuals to contribute in ways that align with their interests and capabilities. By donating or subscribing to FDG, you not only enhance your own gaming experience but also play a pivotal role in fostering a thriving and engaging gaming community for all players to enjoy.

Why Support FDG?

By supporting FDG, you enable us to:

  • Cover essential expenses (such as server infrastructure, hosting and network usage).
  • Acquire and develop custom exclusive resources. Enhancing the roleplay experience.
  • Receive priority support during outages.
  • Support, the creators of FiveM. A percentage of every payment goes directly to them.

Donation Options

There are several options available to those who wish to support FDG. Our Fat Duck Family Donation is the highest donation amount we accept, about 5 years ago we introduced a hard limit as some people were a tad too generous and money is hard to come by, we're stoked you choose to donate but we'd prefer most of your money stays in your pocket.

  • Tier 1 Subscription
  • Tier 2 Subscription
  • Fat Duck Family Subscription

Check out the FDG donation site.

How to Donate or Subscribe

Visit our dedicated donations site, Note, you'll need to log in with your account. Need one? Head to the forums and create an account.

Donations home page

How to Cancel Subscriptions

To cancel your subscription, visit

Having Issues with your Tebex?

The Tebex roles are synced to the server using your CFX (FiveM account). Please ensure you are logged into the correct CFX account in your FiveM settings menu.

Need Staff Support?

For assistance with your Tebex subscription please open a support ticket on our Support Portal, accessible at Our staff will assist as soon as possible.

To protect privacy, only a select few members of the staff team can access Tebex information and support tickets. For this reason, some Tebex-related issues can take several days to resolve. We appreciate your patience in advance.

You can also ask quick questions using the #fivem-support channel in our community Discord.

Discord Roles

The discord role is assigned automatically via the Tebex bot, this role is not manually assigned by staff. Please ensure you link your discord correctly during checkout as it cannot be linked later.