Gang Application Guidelines

Please remember, you may not act as a gang until your application has been approved. This will be communicated via your application.

Are you seeking to elevate your criminal prowess to new heights? Whether you've already honed your skills in the underworld or aspire to immerse yourself in the intricate world of organised crime and gang dynamics, applying for registered gang might be your next step.

If accepted, a new world of gang politics is unveiled, allowing yourself to engage in hostility with rival Gangs, or simply striving to rise to the top.

Applications can be submitted via our support portal.

Application Requirements

  • All prospective members on the roster must not have received an adverse administrative action within the last 45 days.
  • All prospective members must have a minimum 100 hours playtime.
  • All prospective members must play regularly.
  • The prospective gang must have at least four (4) members.
  • An application should consist of high levels of effort throughout the application, including well thought-out backstories and activities.
  • An application should include all relevant information that is prompted for each field.

Opt-in Organisational Rules

Once the application has been approved, all members of the Gang will be subject to the below opt-in rules.