Rule Breaches & Player Complaints

FDG has rules in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all. If you've been the victim of or witnessed a rule breach, you can report it in-game or submit a player complaint.

How to Report a Rule Breach

If you are currently in-game and the alleged rule breach has just occurred, you should send an in-game report message first.

You can either:

  • Send an in-game report message; or,
  • Submit a player complaint on the FDG Support Portal by opening a ticket

Submitting an In-Game Report Message

  1. Open chat using the T key.
  2. Type /report (a brief description of the event that occurred). See the below example.

Example in-game report messages:

  • /report ive just been killed for no reason
  • /report person near me using racial slurs

Example of using chat to report

If online staff are available, they will respond to you. You can have a conversation with them by continuing to use the /report command as instructed on-screen.

Depending on the nature of the alleged breach, you may be directed to:

Submitting a Player Complaint on the Support Portal

You can access the FDG Support Portal at
  1. Visit the FDG Support Portal at You may be asked to log in. If you can't remember your password, click FORGOT? and follow the instructions.

Support Portal login dialog

  1. Click NEW TICKET in the top right of the page

New ticket button on support portal

  1. If you're alleging the FDG FiveM rules were breached, select the FiveM service category. If you're alleging general harassment, select the Community service.

Fivem service category on support portal

  1. Select the most appropriate ticket category. Usually, that will be Rule Breach. You might also consider Gang Report for gang-related rule breaches or Staff Complaint for staff misconduct.

Rule Breach category on support portal

  1. Complete all the required fields and click the green SUBMIT at the bottom right of the window.

Rule Breach form in support portal

  1. You'll be automatically redirected to your newly created ticket. This is where staff will keep you updated on the progress of your ticket, request additional information and provide you with further instructions. You can send messagess using the text area and green SEND button.

Rule Breach ticket example

Tips for Submitting Player Complaints

The FDG Support Portal provides a template to direct players on what information is needed for a valid player complaint. Nonetheless, there are several things to keep in mind which may prevent your complaint from being rejected, saving everyone's time and effort.

Read the Rules First

The rules are available on this site, the FDG Community Discord in #rules and in-game using the F11 key.

When you submit a player complaint, you are alleging the reported player(s) broke server rules. When staff process player complaints, they decide whether the reported player(s) act(s) or omission(s) were inconsistent with server rules. Understanding the rules thoroughly will not only help you in accurately identifying potential violations but also ensure that your complaint is relevant and valid.

Gather Sufficient Evidence

Evidence is key. If you don't provide any evidence, the complaint will more than likely be rejected**.

When reporting a player, providing solid evidence is paramount. Ensure you have enough proof to support your claims, such as screenshots, videos, or chat logs, clearly displaying the alleged rule-breaking behavior. Remember that the more compelling evidence you can present, the easier it becomes for the staff to assess the situation and make a fair judgment. If you don't provide any evidence, the complaint will be more-than-likely rejected. Though staff members have access to supplementary evidence in the form of server logs, it is not their responsibility to provide the necessary evidence for your complaint.

Submit ASAP

While it's essential to gather sufficient evidence and present a well-structured complaint, it's equally important to submit it promptly. Delays in reporting incidents might lead to loss of crucial evidence or make it harder for the staff to investigate effectively. Act swiftly, but ensure your complaint is comprehensive and thought-out.