Most basic GTA:V controls are not included here. Brand new to GTA:V? Check out the basic controls or play some single-player first to learn the game.

You can override almost all the default controls in settings.

Keyboard Controls


General Keys

TOpen the chat / command console.
~Switch between voice ranges. High, Medium and Low.
TABOpen your personal inventory.
POpen the default GTA:V menu and map.
VSwitch between views. E.g. first-person and third-person.
CLook behind.
QTake cover.
ESCOpen the default GTA:V menu and map.
F8Open FiveM console.
F12Take a Steam screenshot.

Roleplay Keys

EOpen the interaction menu where possible. See The E Interaction Menu for more details.
XHold to put your hands in the air, as if you were surrendering.
ZHold to cross your arms.
BHold to point in the direction you're looking.
F1Open your personal phone, assuming you have one in your inventory.
F3Open the animations & walkstyles menu.
F6Open your primary job menu, if your job has a menu.
SHIT + F6Open your sub job menu, if your sub job has a menu.
F7Open the invoice menu.
PAGEUPOpen the player menu.
ALTHold to open the quick wheel menu.

Vehicle Keys

FEnter or exit a vehicle. Don't forget unbuckle before trying to exit!
LLock / unlock the vehicle you are in or nearest to, if you have the keys.
UBuckle / unbuckle your seatbelt.
KTurn the vehicle engine on or off.
,Set or unset speed limiter. Sets to the vehicle's current speed.
PAGEUPOpen the vehicle menu.
EHonk your horn.

Core Menus

The E Interaction Menu


Default ESX Menus


The ALT Wheel Menu