TL;DR: Your character can only be aware of IC (in-character) information and should not behave or make decisions based on OOC (out-of-character) information.

In Fat Duck Gaming, the terms IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) are used to distinguish the difference between the in-character world and the real world. The concept of IC and OOC is common among almost all roleplay servers. The difference between OOC and IC is important in roleplay to maintain immersion and create a more realistic and engaging roleplaying experience. It helps players differentiate between personal discussions and actions related to their characters, preventing confusion and enhancing the overall roleplay atmosphere. At no point while in the server will you have to talk OOC or use information obtained OOC. Your character(s) should never behave or make decisions based on OOC information.

IC (In-Character)

  • Represents interactions within the game world and roleplay.
  • Involves actions, speech, and behavior consistent with the character's background.
  • Includes roleplay conversations, events, and activities.
  • Follows the rules and norms of the roleplay server.
  • Ensuring all information obtained is through In character means
  • Enhances immersion and creates a realistic roleplaying experience.
  • The OOC/IC distinction is important for maintaining clarity, immersion, and an engaging roleplay atmosphere in FiveM.

OOC (Out-of-Character)

  • Refers to interactions outside of the game world or roleplay.
  • Involves player-to-player conversations, technical discussions, and unrelated topics.
  • Any conversations held of discord. Voice Chats or messages
  • Communication through the Fat Duck Gaming Community discord. This does not include government or organisation IC discords.
  • Breaks immersion and is not part of the in-game roleplay.