Quick Start Guide

This guide assumes you're familiar with GTA:V, have already installed FiveM, know how to connect to FDG and have read the server rules.

Welcome to Fat Duck Gaming! This guide will walk you through some key concepts of our server and get you set up with the basics you'll need to succeed in FDG. This guide will cover:

  • Getting your driver's license.
  • Purchasing your first car.
  • Purchasing a mobile phone.
  • Purchasing and using a radio.
  • Finding a hobby and earning some cash.

Step 1: Getting your Driver's License

To operate a car, you'll need a driver's license. Operating a vehicle without the appropriate license is an offence and could get you in trouble with the Police.

  1. Make your way to the Driving School found near the airport.

Driving school building

Driving school map location

  1. Find the yellow interaction blip inside the building. From here, you can perform the written and practical test necessary to attain your driver's license.

Blip inside driving school

  1. Complete the written test. You can browse all the road and traffic rules in the San Andreas Register of Law.
  2. Complete the practical test. Remember, you must adhere to all the road and traffic rules.
  3. Once both tests are complete, make your way to the Government Building to print out your new driver's license.

Gov building

Gov building location

  1. Find the green interaction blip inside the Government Building to print out your new driver's license. The game will take control of your character momentarily to take a license mugshot.

Blip inside gov building

Amazing stuff! You're now the proud holder of a valid driver's license. Next up, buying a car.

Step 2: Getting your First Car

Getting started in a new city can be difficult. Luckily, one of the local vehicle dealerships runs a special offer for new-comers. Premium Deluxe Motorsport ('PDM') allows all new-comers to purchase one Glendale, free-of-charge! To claim your free Glendale:

  1. Make your way to PDM.

PDM building

PDM building location

  1. Speak to one of the dealers and let them know you're new to the city and wish to claim your free Glendale.

Danny and glenny

  1. Should you ever wish to store your vehicle, visit any of the public garages located across the city to store your vehicle at no cost.
Look at you go! You've bought your first car. Now, drive yourself to the phone shop.

Step 3: Purchase a Mobile Phone & Radio

Phones and radios are used in the city like you would use a phone in the real world. A phone will let you add contacts, text or call mates, browse Twitter and manage your finances. Radios allow two-way communication over distance, you should be using an in-game radio instead of Discord, as leaking in-character (IC) information to someone who ought not to be aware of that information via out-of-character (OOC) is against the rules. But to use a phone and/or radio, you'll need one in your inventory.

  1. Make your way to an electronics shop.

Electronics shop

Electronics shop location

  1. Find the counter inside the store and open the storefront using G. This is where you buy stuff, and it's the same protocol for almost every storefront in the city.

Electronics shop interaction counter location

  1. To purchase a phone, just drag one of them from the Quack Electronics City to your Personal Inventory.

Electronics shop inventory

  1. Once you've purchased the phone, close the storefront using the ESC key.
  2. To use the phone, press F1. We won't explain how to use the phone here, but we're sure you've used a phone before. Right?

Ig phone

  1. Purchase a radio using the same procedure.
  2. Configure the radio by opening the radio menu using F4.
  3. The radio provides a primary and secondary channel, allowing you to tune into two frequences simultaneously. You can set each channel's frequecy by using the up/down arrows or by clicking the Channel xx text to setting using a keypad.

Ig radio main

Ig radio keypad

  1. Each channel can be controlled individually. By default:
ActionPrimary Ch KeySecondary Ch Key
Toggle ON/OFFF2SHIT + F2
Push to TalkCAPS LOCKY

Note, you can change the default keys in settings by going to Settings > Keybinds > FiveM.

Hot tip, it's a good idea to choose a random frequency to use amoungst your friend group.
Great work! It's good practice to always have a phone and radio in your inventory. Time to make some quick cash.

Step 4: Find a Hobby and Make Some Cash

They say everything fun in life is either illegal, expensive or unhealthy. So let's find you a hobby to start making some quick cash. For this guide, we'll show you the Go Postal hobby, however there's several hobbies to explore, some more lucrative than others.

  1. Head to the Go Postal facility.

Go Postal location

  1. Open the job board using the interaction blip on the stairs.

Go Postal blip

  1. Select a job from the job board.
  2. Once selected, green delivery points will be marked on your map. Deliver the letters to these locations.

Go Postal deliver locations

  1. Once complete, you can choose to pick up another job by returning to the job board.
That's it! You're ready to explore the city at your own pace. Try to stay out of trouble.