By basedgod

This guide explains the medical system script. For information on how to start a career in the San Andreas Emergency Services, check out the SAES job guide.


Fat Duck Gaming now has an amazing reworked medical script that is unique, extensive and never seen before in Australian FiveM servers. This new system contains a wide range of tools to utilise to immerse in fun medical roleplay as a Paramedic such as the new ‘Jaws of Life’ to rip car doors off their hinges to rescue patients out of vehicles.

What’s Changed?

The old system was very basic and forced Paramedics to follow a DOA Matrix for gunshot/ stab wounds and high speed collisions. This has been integrated into the new system as downed patients are categorised into Injured, Critical and Deceased depending on the severity of their injuries. Paramedics also now get paid per treatment and after admitting a patient into hospital.

How it Works

The process of treating patients is vastly different in comparison to the old system. When examining a patient, it will display their Condition, Mental State and Wounds. Injured patients are typically unconscious and responsive which means they are able to talk. They are also able to be picked up immediately after treatment is complete. Critical Patients will be unconscious and unresponsive until treated which means they won’t have the ability to talk. Critical Patients will then have to be transported to the nearest hospital to be admitted. Deceased Patients will appear as Critical Patients on the tablet and you won’t know they’re deceased until you examine them.


Treating a Patient

  1. Once you arrive on scene, retrieve a medical bag from your SAES Vehicle by pressing E on the vehicle and clicking Retrieve Medpack. You may now place the Medpack next to the patient by pressing G.
  2. Examine the patient by opening the interaction menu by pressing E on them and selecting Examine Patient. The patient's status will appear on the top right of your screen with all the relevant information.
  3. Next you must treat/ stabilise the patient by selecting treatments relevant to the wounds examined by opening the interaction menu on their body and selecting Treat. This will give you 4 options being Primary Care, Braces and Bandages, Remove Clothing & Injections. You will need to retrieve Syringes and Bandages from the Medpack to apply bandages or inject them with anesthetics.
  4. If your patient was in critical condition, they must now be transported to your local hospital by using an SAES vehicle capable of holding a stretcher. Once at the hospital, escort the stabilised patient on the stretcher and admit them into hospital by pressing E at a stretcher bay.


Special Equipment

With the new system comes rank specific perks. Fire and Rescue Paramedics now have access to the new Jaws of Life which has the ability to rip doors of vehicles to pull patients out of vehicles. Intensive Care Paramedics also have the ability to place triage gazebos for mass casualty scenes only where stabilised patients can be hospitalised by placing them under the gazebo by pressing E.

Jaws of Life