Open vs Whitelisted Jobs

By Isaiah & basedgod


Jobs on FDG can be broadly placed into two categories: Open and Whitelisted.

Whitelisted job employees can often have a significant impact on other players and therefore require a vetting process to prevent untrustworthy individuals from abusing their power. Open jobs are more accessible to newer players and often consist of easy tasks that provide small amounts of money.

Whitelisted Jobs


Whitelisted jobs can primarily be categorised into two administrative areas, Department of Justice (DoJ) and Department of Commerce (DoC) overseen by a Community Leader. These jobs often have a significant number of employees and extensive developmental support. There is also usually incentive to remain employed in a whitelisted job in order to advance through the organisation to achieve higher ranks!

A list of whitelisted jobs can be found below (This list is not exhaustive):

DoJ Jobs

  • San Andreas Police Force
  • San Andreas Emergency Services
  • San Andreas Ranger Service
  • Judicial System - Lawyer/Paralegal

DoC Jobs

  • Mechanics (Flywheels, Los Santos Customs, Benny’s Motorworks)
  • Car Dealerships (Premium Deluxe Motorsports, Valhalla)
  • Vanilla Unicorn
  • Area 51

Open Jobs


Open jobs are fast and simple ways to make money. They also allow newer players to explore the server as they are sent around to complete a variety of tasks. These jobs are not administered by other players and do not require any application. They can be started at a variety of different locations and can be stopped at any time.

A list of Non-whitelisted jobs can be found below (This list is not exhaustive):

  • GO-Postal Delivery
  • San Andreas Council Missions
  • Diving
  • Hunting/Fishing

How to Apply for Whitelisted Jobs

Applying for jobs is easy and only takes a few minutes out of your day! Head to one of the five job centers located all over San Andreas. Once you arrive you will find a pink blip and you can cycle through various different applicable jobs. Keep in mind there are other eligibility requirements for DOJ jobs such as Police. You can also get your licenses for jobs at the Government building.

To see the eligibility requirements click here.

Job Center