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The Police are a cornerstone of FDG, their critical role is to enforce the law and maintain order in San Andreas . Police officers can expect to have to engage with a wide variety of players and respond to many different situations. It is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and enjoyable roles in the community.

What to expect?

The day to day routine for an FDG police officer can vary, however generally it involves responding to a callout which can include robberies, reports of stolen vehicles, drug dealing, shots fired etc. You can expect to be involved with some of the server’s biggest and most memorable events!

You will be held to a higher standard of roleplay than you may usually be used to as police officers are usually the first people newer players interact with.

Ranks, Perks and Salary

There is significant room for advancement in the police force, many players can spend upwards of a year climbing the ranks so they can the privilege of commanding a department. With advancement comes more perks including higher pay, better vehicles and weapons, and more responsibility for shaping the PD.

RankSalary (Per 30 minutes)
Probationary Constable$5,000
Senior Constable$5,500
Incremental Senior Constable$5,750
Leading Senior Constable$6,000
Probationary Sergeant$7,500
Incremental Sergeant$8,500
Senior Sergeant$9,000
Chief Inspector$13,000
Assistant Commissioner$16,000
Deputy Commissioner$18,000


The police force consists of several sub-departments with each being responsible for a specific area. Each department has their own unique style, vehicles, equipment, and command structure. Each Department is commanded by a highly experienced Superintendent and Inspector.

General Duties


General Duties officers are the backbone of the police force, they are often the first responders to a variety of incidents and will be where all new recruits start their policing journey.

General Duties has access to a diverse range of equipment that allows them to be a “jack of all trades” in the absence of more specialised officers including Public Order and Riot Squad, Special Response Team, Ballistics Analysis, and K9.


Forensics Title

Forensics is a great way to close murder cases around Los Santos. A Forensics unit allows police officers from any department to investigate suspicious deaths and injuries by collecting many forms of physical evidence left at crime scenes. Activating forensics allows officers to determine many factors related to a crime such as bullet trajectory, bullet casings, blood samples and cross examine the physical evidence with our Criminal Database as well as murder weapons on scene.

Forensics Display

Criminal Investigation Branch


The Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) is primarily responsible for combating prohibited weapon and drug trafficking through the use of covert methods and equipment. These methods/equipment can include using undercover officers, vehicles, and aircraft.

The CIB often conduct raids in cooperation with the Tactical Operations Unit in order to seize illegal items from the homes and vehicles of players.

Tactical Operations Unit


The Tactical Operations Unit (TOU) are responsible for resolving high-risk situations throughout the state. They have access to the most powerful firearms as well as armoured vehicles. The TOU’s officers, known as ‘Speclialists’ are some of the police force’s most experienced and are frequently responsible for leading groups of 20+ officers into challenging and dangerous situations.

TOU plan and execute high risk tactical operations such as civilian and gang property raids, wanted operations, prison transports and gang intervention operations. TOU are responsible for combating violent criminals when the safety of the general public is at risk.


Highway Patrol


The Highway Patrol Branch are responsible for all levels of traffic enforcement, they also provide specialist resources to pursue high-speed vehicles. The Highway Patrol vehicle fleet is the police force’s most expansive, ranging from offroad Landcruisers to the McLaren 720s supercar. Other departments will often partner with HWY in order to subdue suspects using fast vehicles that exceed the capabilities of the general PD fleet.

Highway run Road & Safety operations such as double demerits periods where they enforce double demerit points for all Road & Traffic offenses. They also do RoadSide Safety Stop (RSS) operations which consist of blocking off a road with multiple units for random stops for Vehicle Road Worthy, License and Registration checks. Highway Patrol tend to set up speed traps and target illegal street racing all over Los Santos.


Application Process


To apply to be a police officer you must meet the following requirements:

  • No staff warnings or timeouts in the last 30 days
  • No bans (active or expired) in the last 60 days
  • A minimum of 50 hours playtime
  • No Criminal History
  • Valid Driver’s License

How to Apply

If you meet the requirements and applications are open you may apply at any city job center. You can see if applications are open in the Government Discord in the SAPF Notice Board channel.

Click Here to join the FDG Government IC Discord.