San Andreas Emergency Services

By Isaiah & basedgod



Paramedics, firefighters, and doctors are fundamental to the FDG experience. Members of the San Andreas Emergency Services (SAES) are responsible for keeping the citizens of our city safe and healthy. SAES members can expect to interact with almost every type of player on our server as they drive, fly, and even swim to new locations to treat people in distress.

What to expect?

The routine of a SAES member can vary depending on how busy the city is! At peak time, SAES members will be very busy assisting players who have injured themselves. The SAES has a large fleet of vehicles and several aircraft enabling a variety of different experiences for even the most experienced members.

Ranks, Perks and Salary

Similarly to the police force, there is much room for advancement in the SAES. As you climb the ranks you will gain access to more perks including better vehicles, different avenues of roleplay, and more command responsibility.

The SAES also boasts some of the most generous salary packages:

RankSalary (Per 30 minutes)
Senior Paramedic$13000
Rescue Paramedic$14000
Intensive Care Paramedic$14500
Station Officer$15000
Deputy Director$25000

Equipment and Capabilities

As you climb the ranks in the SAES you will gain access to more advanced and interesting assets. Cadets will initially focus on how to become knowledgeable and capable paramedics. At the same time, the more advanced Rescue or Intensive Care Paramedics will at times find themselves extinguishing large vehicle fires or performing surgery.

Below are just some of the capabilities that the SAES has at their disposal:

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)


The SAES have access to an advanced fleet of rotary aircraft which they can use to rapidly respond to emergencies in hard-to-reach locations in the County area north of Los Santos. Once you receive the necessary training you can use these helicopters whenever the need arises.

Intensive Care Paramedics


Intensive Care Paramedics (ICPs) are some of the more skilled, and experienced members of the SAES. They are responsible for conducting more challenging surgeries that require a high standard of medical knowledge. ICPs are usually required to conduct advanced medical procedures for individuals with significant injuries, including headshot wounds and high-speed impacts.

Fire and Rescue


Vehicle accidents are unfortunately all too common in San Andreas and when these incidents arise they are often accompanied by a fiery explosion. The task of extinguishing these blazes falls to the members of the SAES’ Fire and Rescue officers who use a fleet of Fire Trucks to rapidly respond to emergencies and keep members of the public safe.

Application Process


To apply to be a paramedic you must meet the following requirements:

  • No staff warnings or timeouts in the last 30 days
  • No bans (active or expired) in the last 60 days
  • A minimum of 50 hours playtime
  • No Jailable Offences
  • Valid Driver’s License

How to Apply

Job Center

If you meet the requirements and applications are open you may apply at any city job center. You can see if applications are open in the Government Discord in the SAPF Notice Board channel.

Click Here to join the FDG Government IC Discord.