Community-Wide Rules (C-Rules)

Applicable across the entire FDG Community

C1 - Be respectful of other players and do not initiate inappropriate roleplay onto, or around players you aren't familiar with. Keep in mind this community is twitch streamer friendly.

C2 - Usage of cheats, exploits, or third party services (including twitch streams and real world trading) to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited.

C3 - Staff decisions are non negotiable, however if you believe a decision was made incorrectly you can report it on the forums. Ignoring or failing to adhere to staff instructions and/or lying to staff during a situation is treated as a serious offence.

C4 - Advertising on official FDG platforms is not permitted, however exceptions can be made for official content creators (by talking with a community leader).

C5 - Community Leaders may make exemptions to the rules on a case by case basis, at their discretion for a specific roleplay scenario only, on the grounds to promote a better roleplay experience or fair play.