Content Creator Guidelines

Applicable across the entire FDG Community.

Our community and platform offers a great opportunity for Content Creators to promote their content, while building their audience and work towards growing their own community.

In a show of support to our community members that choose to stream on Fat Duck Gaming, we have great promotional opportunities, as well as extra perks, to reward and acknowledge great content and great standards of roleplay.

Content Creator Perks

  • Discord Roles: with access to content channels for self promotions.
  • Promotional rights: content creators may promote, administer, or conduct a promotional event (e.g., rp events and charity streams) through FDG services.
  • Opportunity to work towards ‘Endorsed Content Creator’.

Endorsed Content Creator Perks

  • Discord Roles: high exposure positioning roles when going live, automatically notifies the community of live streaming status and access to content channels for self promotions.
  • Promotional rights: content creators may promote, administer, or conduct a promotional event (e.g., rp events and charity streams) through FDG services.
  • Access to official FDG promotional graphics for description display.
  • Forum exposure/advertisement: endorsed content creators are added to the official list on the forums for promotional exposure.
  • Prime queue priority for the server (before Fat Duck Family): with a chance to earn Patreon Invitation +.


To be eligible, all community content creators are required to meet the following in order to submit an application for the content creator role:

  • Be an active member of our community: minimum 3 months of game play (subject to change), whilst establishing a good reputation within the community.
  • Achieve affiliate status (applicable to Twitch streamers): showing active streams on FDG.
  • Display great focus on creating quality role play scenarios: uphold great standards and set good examples.
  • Uphold and adhering to our guidelines, as well as community/server rules.

Content Creator/Streamer Guidelines - Terms and Conditions

  • You agree to accept all responsibilities and/or consequences for any content that you create, publish or stream via the use of our platforms. As per most platform terms of use, you are solely responsible for your content and the consequences of posting or publishing.
  • Fat Duck Gaming will not accept any responsibilities should you publish any content without having sufficient rights and/or authority to do so (or violation of other's IP rights).
  • Fat Duck Gaming will not actively monitor content published by our endorsed content creators, however we do not condone or support any content that is unlawful, with intent of malicious acts such as: unlawful, infringing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory. This however does not include hostile roleplay that are deemed acceptable within our rules.
  • Fat Duck Gaming has zero tolerance for any intention to achieve content through the means of actively ruining other people's experience with trolling/griefing, and/or interfering with or damaging the operation of FDG services.
  • All Content Creators are to be mindful of their actions and speech, which may directly or indirectly affect the reputation of Fat Duck Gaming. As trusted faces of the community, we expect a level of maturity in all circumstances.
  • Strictly no adult content, such as erotic roleplay or overly excessive violence, is to be streamed or published onto public domains.
  • Content Creators will face possible removal of roles and perks upon receiving multiple adverse administrative actions, unless severity of one action warrants a removal. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be permanently removed or be given the opportunity to re-earn your roles.
  • Content Creators are responsible for their viewers and any information and/or knowledge being passed on through the means of their chat. Any knowledge of breaches are to be reported accordingly. Failure to report or act on these basis, resulting in damage to FDG as a community or endorsement of harassment to a fellow FDG member, will render the removal of roles along with any perks granted from role.