FiveM Rules (F-Rules)

Applicable on our FiveM Roleplay Servers

F1 - Using out of character (OOC) information in character (IC) is strictly prohibited. If your character wouldn't realistically know something it cannot be used in game, including from other characters.

F2 - Players are not to kill or initiate hostile against other players without sufficient RP reasoning.

F3 - You must remain in character at all times, both verbally, and through making sensible decisions. You must fear for your life when at a severe disadvantage in hostile RP.

F4 - Actively trying to ruin other peoples experience with bugs or simply trolling / baiting / griefing them is not permitted. Repeatedly killing the same person for the same reason is considered griefing.

F5 - Any means to disrupt or avoid the logical flow of roleplay is not permitted. (e.g Committing suicide, logging out, or respawning to avoid RP interactions/consequences)

F6 - Job Equipment is not to be given out under any circumstances. Criminals may remove all non-weaponry from workers when partaking in criminal activity.

F7 - Robbery of any organisations, stored vehicles, owned properties, job vehicles (with job plates) or player bank accounts is prohibited, even while at gunpoint. Usage of lockpicks for the purpose of robberies is also prohibited.

F8 - Scamming is not permitted unless the trade involves prohibited weapons and/or drugs. Money scammed during these trades are not protected.

F9 - Players may only rob another player who is dealing drugs, robbing houses or in retaliation to being robbed or scammed by the player.

F10 - During prisoner transports, bank and store robberies, the maximum crew who can be involved is 6 criminals and 12 police (and correctional officers altogether, in the case of prisoner transports).

F11 - Hostages must not be affiliated with the hostage taker and may not be used for monetary gain.

F12 - After respawning, you lose in character memory of that roleplay situation and cannot rediscover or return to it. If revived by EMS you retain memory of the situation but cannot return to it.

F13 - All IC voice communications must only take form of in-game local voice, radio or phone. When you're not on the server, IC meetings may still be held on FDG IC Discord

F14 - Initiating any forms of hostile RP against people using blips such as stores, houses and teleports is not permitted

F15 - The discretion to allow the use of Voice changing software on other characters ultimately rests with staff. If you are advised to turn off Voice changing software, it must be turned off irrespective of your characters back story.