Graphic Modifications Guidlines

TL;DR Graphical modifications for the purpose of gaining an advantage over other players will be actioned under Community rule C2.

Whilst we understand some players have computer issues, we will no longer tolerate the use of graphics mods (or even intentionally low settings) which give a significant advantage over others. This includes daylight mod, playing with no shadows, external crosshairs, stretched resolution or intentionally distorted color profiles. We will take a 0 tolerance approach to this, if you would like to clarify if your settings are valid, open a ticket on the support portal.

Verified Graphic Modification Decisions

The lists below are not exaustive. If you're intending to use a modification not listed below, it's suggested you check with staff first by opening a ticket. The final call on what is acceptable lies with staff.

Currently Banned

  • NVE Vegetation (or anything which makes bushes less visible / smaller)
  • Using Reshade / Redux, or any program which intentionally colours your game drastically
  • Turning off shadows (low minimum)
  • Stretched aspect ratios, 4:3 streched for example.
  • NoNight
  • Confetti Headshot Mod
  • Anything that gives you an unfair advantage in combat, just because its not listed here doesn't mean aimbot, crosshairs, etc. aren't banned still.

Currently Allowed

  • NVE / QuantV, ENBSeries and any graphics mods designed to enhance the experience.
  • Using Reshade / Redux to make your colours pop slightly or add a small amount of saturation.
  • Your monitors native aspect ratio
  • GTA Road Packs (European Roads, NVE roads, etc.)
  • Custom Soundpacks