Opt-in Rules

These rules will only matter to specific people but do apply to everyone nonetheless.

Organisation Rules (O-Rules)

Applicable on our FiveM Roleplay Servers.

O1 - Gangs intending on carrying out illegal activities must have a name, uniform and register on the forums.

O2 - Gangs start with 6 members, however may be awarded up to 24 slots by the CL team if gangs have proven themselves worthy. No more than 16 members (including downed members) may be involved in any single hostile gang RP scenario.

O3 - Alliances between gangs can exist for the purpose of peace treaties and trading, however gang alliance is not permitted for hostile RP.

O4 - Gangs must be wearing their uniforms when interacting with other gangs, completing warehouse transports or when in a war with other gangs.

O5 - Gangs must keep their illegal and vendor items (including those in vehicles) at their gang and personal properties.

O6 - Gang members can be soft wiped (losing IC memory of their time within the gang) by their own gang when they leave the gang. You are also more susceptible to harsher punishments through criminal convictions.

O7 - All sales transactions with civilians or other gangs must be completed as an immediate exchange (payment for item). Any scamming must be disclosed to the buyer during, or immediately after the transaction.

O8 - KOS must be called by gang leaders of either gang and there must be sufficient reasoning before KOS is declared. All KOS only last between server restarts.

O9 - Gang members in fit may rob other gang members given they adhere to the requirements set by gang staff in the gang guidelines.

Business Rules (B-Rules)

Applicable on our FiveM Roleplay Servers.

Businesses are divided into the following categories;

  • Incorporated - Established businesses, officially incorporated in the server with fully functioning abilities and roles.
  • Registered - Registered businesses with an approved business license. Will allow you to run your own business, offering your services to as many companies or individuals as you want.

B1 - All prospective business applicants must follow the registration/application process to either register for a business license or for an available C-Suite tenure opportunity. DoC are responsible for all businesses. Without a business license, your operation will be deemed illegitimate.

B2 - Businesses are required to maintain some separation between ‘gang’ and ‘business’ activities. No gang activities are permitted at legitimate player-run business locations. However, exemptions can be made at the discretion of the Department of Commerce upon review. Any gang related activities must be carried out in accordance with all Illegal Organisation Rules.

B3 - Players are not permitted to exploit their businesses and/or abuse any abilities through the job menu in accordance with our community/server rules. Anything granted for businesses, i.e job equipment, access to uniforms, are purely for business purposes only.

Government Rules (G-Rules)

Applicable on our FiveM Roleplay Servers.

G1 - EMS may only revive players in accordance with the policy outlined in EMS SOPs.

G2 - Government employees may not distribute or sell job equipment, seized items (such as cash or narcotics) or information obtained in character (such as tablet calls, operations or COPS data)

G3 - During prisoner transports, bank and store robberies, the maximum number of police that can be involved is 12.

G4 - Police may only use 1 BEARCAT for a PT. If the BEARCAT is attacked on a PT, they must stop, seek cover nearby and engage the enemies. The transport can only continue if shooting has ceased for 2 minutes, or after 10 minutes of consistent combat.

G5 - When using a BEARCAT, police cannot fire from the front seats (driver, passenger, or middle seats).

G6 - Government characters may not reapply body armour in the same situation.

G7 - Voice changing software cannot be used on any Government characters.