Rules Overview

Please be aware, the account owner bears full responsibility for the actions carried out through their account, irrespective of the person using it.

Several rulesets govern what you can and cannot do on FDG. These rules serve as a foundation for maintaining a fun and fair experience for all community members. Some of these rules are set by FDG, while others are set by third parties. At all times, it remains your responsibility to be aware of and comply with the relevant rules.

For the in-character laws that apply to your characters, see the San Andreas Register of Law.

Core FDG Rules

Opt-in FDG Rules

Third-party Rules

It is your responsibility to be aware of any third-party rules that may apply. Some we think you should check out include:


Application & Penalites

The rules are interpreted and applied by the FDG volunteer staff team. We have robust systems in place aiming to ensure the rules are applied fairly, consistently and without bias. Despite the server owner once stating:

"There are some rules we don't expect you to follow" ~ Deveraux

There is indeed an expectation that all players follow the rules without exception. If you are determined to have breached a rule or rules, staff can impose penalties against your account. Penalties include (but or not limited to) warnings, timeouts, temporary bans and permanent bans.

FDG records a history of administrative actions against your account and uses this to assist in the imposing of proportionate penalties.


You generally have the right to appeal the decisions of staff members. See Administrative Appeals to learn more about this process.