Service Guidelines

Applicable across the entire FDG Community

Service Disclaimer

  • The service(s) provided by Fat Duck Gaming ("FDG") are not responsible for any social media contents or roleplay created by users (hereafter as user generated contents, and independent from definitions used by other organisations). Contents created by users only express the opinions of the respective user.
  • The service(s) provided by FDG are intended for audience who are of legal age of majority in the users' country of residence. FDG do not have the right nor responsibility to verify the age of a fellow user, but insists that by using service(s) provided by FDG, the user has understood and is willing to comply with our terms, disclaimer and rules, and that the user is of the age of majority.
  • FDG will not condone any forms of unapproved and/or unsolicited advertisements through our service(s) and third-party platforms where we host/offer our service(s). This includes, but are not limited to content creator channels, third-party websites, other sensitive/personal or copyrighted contents.
  • FDG's disclaimer, terms and rules may be changed without notice.
  • Any documents or resources created by users for use within this community for the purpose of enhancing user experiences, unless the user holds an intellectual property right to the documents or resources created, then Fat Duck Gaming retains the rights to claim ownership over the documents or resources created.
  • While users have the right to unsubscribe from our services through Discord and our website, any intentional sabotage to the Fat Duck Gaming resources shall render the user banned from this community for life.

Donation & Tebex Guidelines

  • Funds collected by Fat Duck Gaming (FDG) via our web donation platform (on Paypal gateway) or via Tebex are goodwill transactions that support our current and future operations of FDG as a whole (and not a specific game server), thus it includes, but are not limited to our FiveM servers. Donations may, and will be expensed by the Community Owner at his sole discretion, on goods and services with the sole intention to enhance our user experience when playing on FDG branded services. Whether for operational upkeep of our hardware, software licencing, branding or any IP rights.
  • At the discretion of the Founding Five as a whole, donators and Tebex subscribers may receive benefits in recognition for their support, which are mostly aesthetic/cosmetic perks. These benefits may be modified or withdrawn as necessary. Donation and subscription benefits are tokens of appreciation from the Founding Five, and are not to be intepreted as goods and/or services purchased. Although FDG has no contractual obligations to donations, donation funds will only be expended on upkeeps and user experience enhancements.
  • Donators and subscribers are not entitled to preferential treatment nor priority consideration in the management/development team, nor to be immune from any adverse administrative actions, including bans.
  • All donations and Tebex subscriptions made towards FDG are entirely optional and voluntary and should be made with the sole purpose to support the current and future operations of our community, rather than for any potential perks one may receive from a donation/subscription.
  • Refunds are only made on a case-by-case basis on compassionate grounds. No refunds are given to donations that have been knowingly and voluntarily given to us.