How to fix Texture Loss

Experiencing texture loss? Here are some tips to reduce it so you can enjoy Fivem to the fullest.

Causes of Texture Loss

Texture loss can be caused by numerous reasons. This guide outlines general tips and common ways mitigate texture loss.

  • Corrupted or outdated cache files
  • Poor performance due to insufficient hardware specs
  • Mod/Shader conflicts
  • FiveM server issues
  • Game or system glitches

Texture Fix Command

Executing this command within the server can serve as an temporary solution to texture loss.


Increase Texture Budget

Increasing your texture budget is probably the most common way to fix texture loss. It's a simple process and often returns good results.

  1. Once inside Fivem Open up the ESC Menu and navigate to the SETTINGS page.
  2. Once inside the SETTINGS page navigate to the GRAPHICS page and click on it.
  3. When in the GRAPHICS page scroll down a tiny bit till you find Extended Texture Budget.
  4. Click on Extended Texture Budget and increase it. Its recommend to have the bar set around 75% full but you can set it to whatever. Setting it to 100% can sometimes cause issues and too much load on your device. Make to keep your total memory bar in settings out of the red or yellow.
Yay! You have increased your texture budget and should see a change. If not, see below for some other tips to see if they help.

Clear Your Fivem Cache

Clearing out your fivem cache is a good thing to do every so often as it has some benefits. Check out how to do it in the How to Clear FiveM Cache guide.

Always Exit A Server Properly

Always fully quit FiveM when rejoining a server to prevent texture conflicts.

Quality Settings

Instead of giving your computer a run for its money and having your texture quality settings on Very High set them to Medium or High in the settings menu. Some settings will require a game restart.